Will your electric supply support your new charging stations?

Will your electric supply support your new charging stations?

Do you plan to install electric vehicle charging stations in the near future?

Before increasing the capacity of your electrical supply, you should know that by optimizing the management of the electrical power of your equipment, you could distribute the power calls and avoid substantial costs associated with this new energy consumption!


The electric revolution in progress

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been a real issue for Canada for several years, particularly in the transportation sector.

In its Plan for a Green Economy (PGV), which came into effect last April, Quebec plans to accelerate the electrification of the economy by banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars starting in 2035.

This measure will not be without consequences on the power supply network.
If this issue is important for the whole population, it is also important for companies, communities and public services.


The consequences of the electrification of cars

Although the increase in the number of electric vehicles is expected to be gradual, many amenities need to be redesigned now to accommodate the installation of charging stations.

Car dealerships, goods and services companies, public institutions and services, municipalities, shopping centers, private parking lots, all are beginning to anticipate the potential work required by this green shift in Quebec (“charging at work” could become an effective argument in the recruitment strategy).

This evolution could however cause some difficulties

Indeed, if several dozen users connect at the same time, the network managers will have to manage an increase in consumption peaks linked to the recharging of electric cars.

It is therefore essential to rethink the way we consume electricity.

Increase capacity without changing the electrical input? It is possible!


Optimization of energy management as an efficient and sustainable solution

At RSW Optimisation, we believe that it is entirely possible to reinforce your charging station network without completely changing your electrical input, thanks to power management.

Power management consists in improving the efficiency and/or reducing the energy bill by improving the use of electrical power.

If you are planning to install electric car charging stations in your parking lot, RSW Optimisation is your best bet for solving your power demand problems.

  • reduce the costs associated with increased energy consumption
  • reduce your minimum annual billable power (minimum demand)
  • increase the electrical load factor
  • reduce fossil fuels (greenhouse gases)
  • improve the performance of your equipment
  • make your business more profitable

Always on the lookout for the latest innovations to increase the energy efficiency of any type of building, we make sure that our products are fully adapted to the evolution of the electric vehicle market and meet the expectations of tomorrow’s consumers.

Don’t wait! Contact us now to evaluate your needs and see how we can help you optimize the energy management of your equipment.