Savings Guarantee

We keep our promises!
How to guarantee savings?

Step 1: Preliminary study of your consumption invoices
With the building information that you share with us, we are already able to analyze whether our facilities would be beneficial to you. Hydro-Quebec’s invoices show enough information about your consumption so that we can see where the possible improvements are.

Step 2: Visit the building and equipment
The visit allows us to see the condition of the equipment and its space, the dimensions and arrangements, the possible options and the work to be done in order to make your project viable.

Step 3: The proposal
Our work proposal can include several formulas. We have a mandate to find the best possible way to help you achieve your performance and savings goals. The analysis and forecasts, as well as an estimate of the return on investment will be detailed.

Step 4: Acceptance of the contract and works
RSW Optimization takes charge of the work agreed with the client.

Step 5: Getting started and synchronization
When communication is established between the facilities and our network, we can start remote monitoring. The first year of monitoring (included during a turnkey installation) is crucial. This allows us to ensure that our machines are properly synchronized with those of Hydro-Quebec and that our measurements are correct. It is essential that these measurements are close to reality, since we base ourselves on them in order to program our optimizer.

Step 6: Analysis of the results (annually)
We will assess with our annual report the savings generated by the optimization.

If our savings promise has not been delivered within the given period, we will issue you a check for the difference.

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