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President’s word

Please allow me to present to you our business, RSW Optimisation. This brand, created in 1991, has for its mission to reduce as much as possible all the energetic expenses and by the very fact, minimize the greenhouse effects associated.
RSW Optimisation is part of a global network in energy management. We import a german product that has proven its value, as you will see in this document. Our head-quarter’s
(RSW Technik) products are installed all around the world and are effective economically everywhere it’s used.
RSW Optimisation is the one and only energy manager that garantees 100% of the promised savings. If we cannot reach the goal, we will defray what’s missing. As much as this seems hazardous, we have been in the market for almost 30 years and we count hundreds of customers, which proves that our business is reliable and has been proven worthy.
Depending on the project, the investment return may vary between one to four years, hence the savings generated by our installations pay for themselves within a short amount of time. We also offer an annual follow-up service for a modest price, which assures the customer of the effectiveness of the installations with a daily check-up. That way, we can react instantly if there is any anomaly. Also, we can produce reports of the consumption readings to the customer’s demand.
As you go through those pages, you will notice some examples of different projects we realised in the past years. Most of our oldest installations are still in function and still generate substantial energy and money savings.
We can help your business’s energy saving in many ways.
So don’t hesitate to contact us and you will gain, guaranteed!
Guy Forgues, president
RSW Optimisation

The Team

Guy Forgues, President

Guy is the backbone of RSW Optimization. An electrical contractor and general by training, he has over 30 years of experience in specialized electricity. His mandate is now to share with the whole team the expertise and wisdom he has acquired over the years. Guy has served on the board for several Hydro-Québec pilot projects, including the Power Management program (2016-2017).

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Denis Blais, Commercial Director

Denis is our road man! He is the first face to meet, the first hand to shake! Former sales representative at Hydro-Quebec, he is always on the lookout for changes, subsidies, advantages and disadvantages for his customers vis-à-vis the different rates, etc. He works with ET for you! Quite simply!

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Joey Forgues, Project Manager / Installer

Young nephew of Guy, he bathes in the field of electricity since always! After gaining experience in construction sites, he put his knowledge at the disposal of RSW Optimization and now specializes in the installation and technical maintenance of RSW Technik products. Always eager for new things, he is in continuous training in order to offer the best possible return.

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Yvonne Turbide, Controller / Accounting Technician

Trained in administration, Yvonne has evolved with RSW Optimization from the very beginning. Already employed by Guy Forgues at the time, she participated in the deployment of RSW Optimization as an administrative assistant in addition to providing secretarial and accounting services. Her analytical mind wishing to know more, she took the lead as a controller and is now in charge of the assiduous monitoring of the devices in operation and the maintenance of the networks. RSW products have no secrets for her!

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Émie H. Perron, Administrative Assistant

Émie is the human behind the keyboard at RSW Optimization. It carries out the organization and monitoring of all files, the information circulating on the web as well as the databases of optimizers. His all-round temperament has allowed him to develop experience in business and human resources management, customer service and sales and marketing. A beautiful mix to coordinate operations!

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Consuming better means better protecting what belongs to us!

Energy is a precious commodity. In Quebec, we are lucky to have access to as many bodies of water to produce hydroelectricity! Unfortunately, most high power installations waste a lot of available energy! Better consumption of electricity will not only reduce your bill, but will also help reduce the need for additional fossil fuels (greenhouse gases).

Why is Germany trustworthy?

Germany has long been a pioneer country in terms of technology. In Quebec, we can see this by the quality of their trade in motor cars. German cars are among the top rated brands in our market, especially in terms of their computer technology. They are far ahead, too, in smart business automation.

RSW Products hold this German signature for quality and versatility. Their design is simple, but has everything you need to be compatible anywhere in the world.

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