Financial Assistances

RSW Optimization supports the client for requests for financial assistance for existing programs in Quebec:

Eco-Performance Program, Energy Transition Quebec (TEQ)

Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and consumption of fossil fuels. The program is aimed at the industrial, commercial, municipal and institutional fields.

Financial assistance of up to 75% of project costs.

RSW Optimization has several projects carried out with this program in turnkey mode.

Hydro-Québec rates in the context of an energy surplus

RSW Optimization supports customers to access special rates and install the equipment necessary for power management during reduction requests

Additional electricity option This tariff option allows you to consume electricity, outside of HydroQuébec’s peak hours, beyond your normal consumption at tariff M or G9 in order to respond to a short-term order or at an exceptional need.
Industrial recovery rate: In order to provide industrial customers subject to Rate M with the benefits of hydroelectricity in the context of an energy surplus, Hydro-Québec offers an industrial recovery rate.

Power Management Program, Hydro-Québec GDP

The customer can obtain financial support by reducing the demand for power during Hydro-Québec’s winter peak periods (December 1 to March 31). Basically, customers can register if the power can be reduced by 200 kW or more.

RSW Optimization participated in the pilot project for winter in 2016/2017. It is an aggregator in this program, i.e. it can group customers who can reduce power by less than 200 kW and allow them to benefit from the program.

N.B. The program was renewed for the winter 2019/2020 but only for customers who were registered in 2018/2019. This program is currently being studied by the energy authority for a wider deployment. A decision could be made in 2020.

RSW Optimization helps the customer in several ways depending on its installation in complete transparency thanks to the remote communication of the systems:

Programming of the control system according to the power reduction requests combined with the use of the optimizer (modification of the setpoint)
Use a second source of energy during demand hours
Move production when possible
Use the customer’s generator
Etc .