Why choose RSW Optimisation to start your energy transition in Quebec?

Why choose RSW Optimisation to start your energy transition in Quebec?

Your heating, cooling or production equipment is operational, but you may still be letting hundreds of dollars go down the drain each month. How can you make sure you get the most out of your facilities? The experts at RSW Optimisation are here to work with your team to improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Your building is not recent? It is never too late!

At RSW Optimisation we have 30 years of expertise in optimizing energy consumption andreducing expenses for businesses and commercial or paramunicipal buildings. We know that each building is unique and we adapt to all types of layouts.

Whatever your energy source and your current installations or future projects, we are able to offer you solutions effective in reducing your energy bill: all RSW Optimisation products are modular, so you don’t have to re-equip yourself with a complete system if you renovate, change equipment or expand.

Moreover, having an already functional business is an asset: during our diagnosis, we analyze your electricity bills (and other energy sources) to develop an action plan to reduce your operating costs and optimize your expenses.

Is your team up and running? We complement each other.

Adaptation is part of our corporate values. Our role is to meet your real need, whatever your current operation, to help you save money in your business.

We are not equipment resellers and we do not want to replace your installations or your existing technician: we work closely with your resources to bring a touch of innovation to your energy management.

As experts, we are committed to supporting your team throughout the process to create a true partnership.

We can train your staff!

At RSW Optimisation our goal is to help make your business economically viable for the long term.

The control of electrical applications is part of the success of optimization equipment: it is important to us that your installations are accessible and understandable.

That’s why we make sure that our equipment and software are fairly easy to use. We can train your team, if you wish, so that they can easily control your installations and monitor their performance.

Have peace of mind: no matter what happens we offer 24/7 remote support!

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