Graphical supervision software, it is very easy to use and serves as an analysis tool accessible to all. Its intuitive system makes it possible to act on RSW equipment and to visualize in real time more easily than with technical software. Its operating system requires no more than a Windows-based PC system and a network communication.


The LEO 8 software series serves as a data translator between the user and the various RSW systems. Each application has its own function to ensure the on-site and remote operation of the installations. All the data collected by the equipment is classified and analyzed before being transmitted in the form of tables and graphs, for easy reading by the user.

By default, the suite comes with a multi-user, multi-site license. The data can be shared on all workstations and therefore allows better monitoring within an organization. All systems can be linked to and managed by the same software. The software is divided into several specific applications.

PSP and LeoConfig: Applications used to configure software, databases and equipments.

DEM: Communication and destocking tool for data collected in RSW modules.

EBV: Direct communication tool with the equipment in operation. The values are read in real time and can be saved for further analysis. EBV works with its own database and can be used independently of DEM or PSP.

EBA: Organized and analyzed tool for archived data. This software is fully customizable in order to make analyzes specific to your needs. It stores all the load profiles, consumption, powers, curves, peaks, drifts, etc. This information can be exported in CSV format or as an image.