Power-management services

RSW Optimization is …

  • A general contractor
  • An electrical contractor
  • a distributor and installer of RSW Technik energy optimizers
  • A team specialized in Electric Power Management
  • Remote monitoring and modification of equipment parameters



Power Management


What is power management?

Power management consists of improving yields and / or reducing the energy bill by improving the use of electrical power. Our services can help you:


  • Reduce costs associated with energy consumption
  • Reduce your minimum power to bill annually
  • Increase the electrical usage factor
  • Reduce fossil fuels (greenhouse gases)
  • Improve the efficiency of your equipment
  • Make your business more profitable



Optimization of Electric Power

The optimizer is the conductor of all other products for managing electrical energy. It gives commands to installations, according to several parameters, in order to distribute the necessary power while taking into account the electrical peak. That said, your business needs enough power to operate properly. Our products are therefore used to identify, control, divide and manipulate the various factors that are part of electrical systems, with the aim of improving yields and reducing bills.



Analysis services

You don’t know if you are eligible for a subsidy, a credit, X benefits, or you believe you have been wrongly billed, we can help you! Our technicians will be able to analyze your billing file with your suppliers and provide you with the information necessary to make requests for tariff or other changes.

Power Management VS Centralized Control

Power Management VS Centralized Control Centralized control is a brain for a building. It “opens and closes valves” in order to limit the consumption of kWh. It indicates who turns on and who turns off, when and for how long. Focused on the comfort and proper functioning of a building, it nevertheless plays on the demand for power by regulating the quantities of air to be heated / air conditioned.

The power manager distributes energy in such a way as to use Hydro-Québec’s pricing to the benefit of the consumer, by lowering the cost of the average kWh during the billing period. The two processes are complementary. We also have partners with whom bigger projects have emerged, where the marriage of power management and centralized control has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings!


Power (kW): It is the flow of energy supplied from one system to another. The power supplied by Hydro-Québec to commercial buildings is billed at the highest power used during the billing period. Total amount of electricity supplied at a given time. Expressed in kilowatts (kW), power is the combined effect of voltage, expressed in kilovolts (kV), and intensity, expressed in amps (A).

Energy (kWh): Consumption period over which power is consumed.

The kilowatt hour is a measure of the amount of energy used by a device during a given period: 1 kWh, for example, 1000 watts used for 1 h or 10 watts for 100 hours. It is used to measure your consumption and therefore to calculate your electricity bill.



How to read your Hydro-Québec bill

Few people know how the electricity bill is calculated. Especially since the pricing can vary depending on each business.


What’s important to know is that there are two values that change your billing. Power and consumption.


Power is actually the level of electricity your equipment needs. This value is calculated in kW.


Consumption is the time of energy use. The kWh.


On their site, Hydro-Québec compares power to the flow of water coming from a tap. And the consumption, the time it takes to fill a glass.
The same amount can be achieved with both a large flow and a small flow, but the time it takes will differ.


The higher the speed, the more power you pay. Otherwise, you pay more for consumption time than for power.


The power that Hydro-Quebec charges you is the highest achievement in the billing period. So even if you only used it once in the month, you still pay for that power. This is where we come in!


Our duty, in power management, is to reduce the power demand of your equipment by extending their consumption over a longer period, without you feeling any discomfort or disadvantage. It’s about finding the balance between power and consumption, by improving the Usage Factor as much as possible (use the maximum of the power you pay!)

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