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Guy Forgues, president

RSW Optimisation


Guy Forgues, President


Guy is the pillar of RSW Optimisation. Electrical and general contractor of training, he has more than 30 years of experience in specialized electricity. His mandate now is to pass on the expertise and wisdom he has acquired over the years to the entire team. Guy has served on the board of several Hydro-Québec pilot projects, including the Power Management program (2016-2017).

To contact him: guy.forgues@rswoptimisation.ca

Denis Blais, Sales Manager

Denis is our man on the road! It is the first face to meet, the first hand to shake! Formerly a sales representative at Hydro-Quebec, he is always on the lookout for changes, subsidies, advantages and disadvantages for his clients with regard to the various rates, etc.. He works with AND for you! Simply put!

To contact him: denis.blais@rswoptimisation.ca

Joey Forgues, Project Manager/Installer

Young nephew of Guy, he has always been in the electrical business! After gaining experience on construction sites, he made his knowledge available to RSW Optimisation and now specializes in theinstallation and technical maintenance of RSW Technik products. Always eager to learn new things, he is in continuous training in order to offer the best possible performance.

To contact him: joey.forgues@rswoptimisation.ca

Yvonne Turbide, Controller/Accounting Technician

Trained in administration, Yvonne has been with RSW Optimisation since the very beginning. Already an employee of Guy Forgues at the time, she participated in the deployment of RSW Optimisation as an administrative assistant in addition to doing the secretarial and accounting work. Her analytical mind wanting to know more, she took the lead as a controller and is now in charge of the assiduous monitoring of the devices in operation and the maintenance of the networks. RSW products have no secrets for her!

To contact her: yvonne.turbide@rswoptimisation.ca

Émie H. Perron, Administrative Assistant

Emie is the human behind the keyboard at RSW Optimisation. She carries out the organization and follow-up of all the files, the information circulating on the web as well as the optimizer databases. Her jack-of-all-trades temperament has allowed her to develop experience in business and human resources management, customer service and sales and marketing. A great mix for coordinating operations!

To contact her: emie.hardy-perron@rswoptimisation.ca