Energy meter kVAh, kWh, kVARh
3 values ​​stored for each electrical quantity (min, avg, max)
Configurable without a computer

The LPU meter measures active energy (kWh), apparent energy (kVAh), reactive energy (kVARh), and cosØ.

It is equipped with two configurable pulse outputs, an analog output and an RS232C port. The latter makes it possible to read the powers in real time and to configure the LPU. Single-phase or three-phase models are available.

For each measurement period (by default 10 min) the device stores 3 values; the average value, the maximum value and the minimum value.

Recorded electrical quantities:

The 3 simple RMS voltages
The 3 RMS compound voltages
The RMS intensities of the neutral and of each of the 3 phases
The overall active power and of each of the 3 phases
The overall reactive power and of each of the 3 phases
The overall apparent power and of each of the 3 phases
The overall power factor and of each of the 3 phases
The phase shift of each of the 3 phases

Coding switches allow you to define without a computer:

The ratio of current transformers (from 50/5 to 2000/5)
the measured variable delivered by the pulse output 2 (positive active energy, negative active energy, apparent, reactive, global, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3?)
the operating mode of the pulse outputs (1/2 pulse or full pulse mode)

It has 4 digital inputs which can be extended for synchronization of measurements with tariff information and / or pulse counter information. It is possible to add 2 analog inputs or 4 digital inputs to acquire measurements or counters.

System for remote monitoring
The LPU 5200 stores its measurements and actions over a period of several weeks. Open to all communication modes (Com, PSTN, IP; 3G), this data is readable, usable and can be analyzed using our LEO or Coviewer software.


Alimentation : 110-255 VAC, 47-65 Hz, 10 VA
Dimensions : 160x90x55 (lxhxp) ; Poids 0,5 kg ; IP20
Mesures électriques : Mesures triphasées tensions/intensités
Mesures des tensions 80VAC – 270VAC (précision ±0,5%, intensité 0,2 mA)
Mesures des intensités 0,05A – 5A par transfo. d’intensité (précision ±0,5%, 0,5 W)
Puissance active Précision ±1%
Puissance apparente Précision ±1%
Puissance réactive Précision ±2%
Entrées analogiques 2 entrées optionnelles, Pt100 (3fils), Pt1000 (3fils), 0-4/20mA, 0-2/10V
Entrées digitales 4 (8 en option) sur contact libre de potentiel, 10 Hz max
Sorties logiques 2 x 30VAC/DC 50mA
Sortie d'alarme 1 x 30VAC/DC 50mA
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