By installing an optimizer on a heating unit, will we be uncomfortable during the winter?


Our goal is to avoid this by adjusting the optimizer settings based on heating needs during the winter. Each building is unique and must have its custom adjustments according to the activities taking place there. During the first months of optimization, we follow up more closely in order to make the necessary adjustments for the best possible performance.

Does the optimizer continue to work even without annual monitoring?


The facilities are yours to purchase. The annual monitoring service is a complementary service to make it easier for you to understand, handle and monitor your equipment. The same services are payable à la carte in a case where you do not want annual monitoring.

The first year is included in the installation, in order to optimally adjust the equipment. It may take a few months before our adjustments are at their best.

Is it possible to manage setpoint and parameter changes ourselves?


With the purchase of LEO8 software as well as the license (for life), you have access to all monitoring software, change of setpoint, visualization of graphics, creation of database, etc. The training of your team in charge can be done by our specialists. Learn more!

Are RSW products guaranteed?

From start-up, all equipment installed by RSW is guaranteed for one year (365 days) on all parts and labor.

How does your savings guarantee work?

During the study of your case, we make complete analyzes of the optimization capacities of your buildings. Thus, we can predict savings over a given period.

If this forecast is not met, we will issue you a check for the difference between the savings achieved and the forecasts not met. Savings are calculated using our EBA software.

(For your information, of our 400 customers, only one needed this service!)